Monday, February 27

Me 'n' Kal at Oreganos. Waiting. A lot.

Kallie and her best friend Christa and Christa's fiancee, Nate waiting at Oregano's for hours and hours and hours.

Saturday, February 25

And in revenge for being required to post the picture below, here's Kallie's rendition of a cute and loveable woodland creature. Posted by Picasa
Here's another of J&K due to strong suggestion. Posted by Picasa
At My Big Fat Greek Restaurant with Brandon, Dustin and his sister Sam who's going to ASU now - they both have great accents. Posted by Picasa
J&K before dinner.
So adorable it's almost sickening. :) Posted by Picasa
Find two things that are alike in this picture. Posted by Picasa

Good Morning

Kallie, contrary to popular belief, does have the ability to rise at "ridiculously early hours of the morning" (8 am) and make it look good. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 23

I Like Bike

 Posted by Picasa
The only way to do a quality pixar movie night right - completely disassemble the couch and all the beds and pile every fluffy/warm/cozy thing you can on the floor. Step 2 - jump in and cuddle. Posted by Picasa
So I messed up and bought more dish soap instead of more dishwasher detergent so I thought I'd just use some of that - just a little mind you because I heard it goes super soapy if you stick it in the dishwasher. Well... I guess I confirmed that. Our kitchen floor was garunteed clean enough to eat off of at any rate! Posted by Picasa
Kal on Valentine's Day.... wait for it... "awhhh!" Posted by Picasa
Eating oranges and belaying, monkeys ooh ooh. Posted by Picasa
Zack demonstrating mad leading skill on a 5.9. Posted by Picasa
A slab & crack at the pancake house near Queen creek where we went climbing on saturday after my 5K. woot! Posted by Picasa


Jordan & Kallie (Kaldan? Jorlie?) spruced up and decked out for their... drumroll please...
FIRST OFFICIAL DATE! Yes, I know, as the proud parent figure I was completely thrilled to make sure they had enough clothes on and then sit up all night in anxious anticipation of the results... okay so I passed out at 11 and heard about it later but I'm sure someone's parents do that. Posted by Picasa


IT LIVES!!! Hooray! 18 days later I can finally use my computer again, one new video card, LCD panel, and 19 dozen phone calls to Dell later! The technicians (yes, MORE than one) all enjoyed my apple sticker on the back too. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21

Electric Idols

I don't know what I did to anger the technology gods so, but it must have been a doozy since

1. My computer has been completely out of commission for over TWO weeks. Today a repair guy came to fix it. Did that work? NO! The LCD screen is new now... but it still doesn't work.

2. My iPod battery hates me. It works every other day that ends with q. Meaning it pretty much doesn't charge itself anymore and even when it says fully charged it doesn't work.

3. My phone randomly freezes and/or won't charge. That's WHEN it gets reception and WHEN there's not so much static people can actually hear me.

4. My TI-89 refuses to calculate any real numbers and won't let me figure it out enough to change the mode settings to actually be able to use it.

5. My PRS transmitter (for physics class) eats about 4 AAA batteries every two or three weeks - which is a lot considering I use it a combined 11.7 minutes a week... if that.

6. My external hard drive backed up everything twice, but I can't access it at all. Okay, that's not its fault and I'm actually really grateful for it or I'd be freaking out more over my computer being on the kaputz. So thank you external for being the only thing with wires that doesn't immediately bite the dust due to my insanely bad tech-karma. I salute you.

This doesn't include my complete lack of ability to get the: TV, DVD player, VCR, stereo, various remotes, curling iron, lamps, espresso machine, and water purifier to work.

Sunday, February 19

Stitch's Car

Things that have happened with Sean's car in the last 48 hours:

Towed from Jack in the Box parking lot to shady towing place and had to be rescued at 11:30 at night from creepy horror movie man.

Keys locked in it in Fry's parking lot after driver injured himself by kicking another vehicle's muffler, rescued by everyday her0 roommate.

Jumped through drivers side window to rescue kidnapped roommates smooshed in with crash pad.

Monday, February 13

Race Results

Friday, February 10

1 Year Anniversary

Hey Everyone - I don't have a picture for this because my computer's broken but I just wanted to commemorate the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this blog - pretty exciting I thought. In reflection, here are a few things about the last year -

1. I still have an awesome roomate whose name begins with K.
2. I changed my major from International Politics to Mechanical Engineering.
3. I didn't grow any taller.
4. I got a digital camera of my own (which encouraged a positive exponential growth in number of photos posted on blog).
5. I still couldn't write a clever photo comment to save my life.

Wednesday, February 8

Credits to Kal for this photo - it's a hot shot from her new camera. Posted by Picasa
At 11:30 J made Kal a hot dog... because she doesn't know how to cook them... in the microwave. Is it even possible to know how to make a half-caf caramel iced latte at home and yet not be able to nuke a hot dog? Posted by Picasa
Just about everyone but me is in the online Jazz in America class so J, Brandon, Dustin and Kal are practicing upstanding student morals and helping the guys with their first test in the class. Posted by Picasa
Demonstration of how T-rex would drink a giant raspberry iced tea. Posted by Picasa
Kal, J, Alana, Brad, and Grant at Oreganos to celebrate, uhm, Kal's birthday I think... maybe. Posted by Picasa