Saturday, December 31

College applications are due tomorrow - Alex hard at work convincing our nation's most prestigious Universities to accept a hick kid from NV. Posted by Picasa
It's a bit hard to see, but the pedestrian bridge over the river (usually at least 10 ft. above the water) is getting washed over on the left. Posted by Picasa
All the gunk they keep pulling off the side of the bridge so it doesn't get destroyed like during the last flood. Posted by Picasa
Some stupid bloke stuck in the water in front of our old church, now Lear Theatre. During the flood of 1997 we had to muck out the whole basement of that building - we could boat about on the water downstairs and touch the ceiling it was so flooded. Posted by Picasa
Jumping and singing in the rain Posted by Picasa
It smells like wet dog in our house Posted by Picasa
Riverside Dr. is completely covered - and part of First too. Truckee is about 10 ft. above normal levels, or more by now. I-80 is closed over the pass because of a huge mudslide, all the bridges are closed ... good news is it's snowing above 7,000 ft! Posted by Picasa
Dad, Morgan, Kate, Mom and Mud down by the Truckee River 12.31.05 observing a substantial amount of fast-moving silty water. Posted by Picasa
The funny old guy I got my belt from - for posterity. Posted by Picasa
Buying a belt from the leatherworks in the market - yessssss! Posted by Picasa
Pike Place Market - gorgeous colors I couldnt' help looking like a horrid tourist for 30 seconds Posted by Picasa
Kira look at the camera? No way! Posted by Picasa
It's quite exciting walking for miles and miles and miles through Seattle - up stairs, down stairs, through Pike's Market, watching flying fish, getting lost on bus systems and ending up in Ballard... woo hoo! Posted by Picasa
Pacific Ocean by the pier! Yay no rain (for a bit anyway). Posted by Picasa
Me 'n' Kira at Dick's (cheap burgers) in Seattle after hitting the Uptown for Pride and Predjudice! Posted by Picasa
Hanging out with Kira's Dad, Kira and Becky in Redmond, WA Posted by Picasa
Goodbye for the summer, Bowen Posted by Picasa
Leaving on the ferry... :( Posted by Picasa
Seniors '05! Posted by Picasa
Breakfast at Sky to Sea stables, Squamish (YAY donut holes!) Posted by Picasa
Looking back at the mountains from the ferry Posted by Picasa
Nea, K and me on the West Lion Ridge Posted by Picasa
Looking East from Mt. Unnecessary Posted by Picasa
The West Lion (we hiked up there - YES!!) Posted by Picasa
Staff at Tunstall Bay Posted by Picasa