Sunday, May 22

The six boat chutes at the end of the ride - we got dumped twice here - whopee! Posted by Hello

We went up to Denver and went canoeing down the South Platte river in Uncle Bob's canoe - thanks to Uncle Bob there, he was a champ - and managed to get dumped and completely swamped three times. Brandon was steering and it was STILL a blast! Posted by Hello

Yet another, yes I know they're phenomenal, Tongue on the Rocks picture.  Posted by Hello

We finally made it to Colorado Springs! This is us atop some Mountain up Cheyenne Canyon... you'll have to ask Brandon about the name.  Posted by Hello

And then... ta da - MORE driving! After only 12-15 ( I dont' remember) hours of driving yesterday, we were back on the road again driving along with the Colorado River.  Posted by Hello

Another Tongue on a Rock picture... fantastically framed by the phenomenal natural geologic structure. This picture was acheived after only 22 attempts and several German tourists asking us if we needed help.  Posted by Hello

See? These rocks are so nifty...  Posted by Hello

Brandon sprawling in the wilds Posted by Hello

Brandon collapsed after our strenuous hike around the arches... actually, he posed for this one.  Posted by Hello

Northa and South Windows - the picture a thousand million other people probably have.  Posted by Hello

It was a gorgeous, if windy day on the backside "rugged" trail of the Windows arches.  Posted by Hello

That morning we hit Arches to look at lots of beautiful rocks! Rocks rock... cheesy as it is to say. This is Balancing rock - fairly self explanatory.  Posted by Hello

We camped in Moab, UT that night. The wind blew the sand right into our tent, it was so fine, until about 2 am... then up at 8 am to go eat at the Superman-flavored-ice-cream Moab Diner (the ice cream they unfortunately no longer have... ).  Posted by Hello

The storm that chased us all the way through Utah - we broke out of it right at the Utah border. It was like being followed by the great cloud of the Dark Side of The Force of Evil... except not really at all, it was just windy. We did get sidetracked when the lightning shut down all the electricity in Ely so nothing was open and we accidentally drove 15 miles north to McGill (aka nowhere) NV. Posted by Hello

The snow (on May 16th) on some of the 7,000 ft. mountain passes in NV.  Posted by Hello

What much of the Nevada roads look like... for 6 hours. Posted by Hello

The Shoe Tree along The Lonliest Highway in America - Hwy 50.  Posted by Hello

After 3 days spent in my kitchen in Reno with Brandon slaving away over the dishes we were off to Colorado Springs. This incredibly artistic shot was taken outside of Fabulous Fallon NV.  Posted by Hello

I'm sorry to have more than one picture of the du... gosling. It was just so darned cute we couldn't leave it! It kept waddling around and following us... we left it in the bushes and ran away - 40 feet at least so it couldn't see us and it still found us! We had to hide it in some grass and run all the way back to the car and drive away. Brandon wanted to keep it so it could live in the pool in PHX... but that's also when he thought it would be a duck.  Posted by Hello

Brandon with the oh-so-cute-and-fuzzy-duckling/gosling (after further orthinological study within the phylum aves and the discrepancies between aviary orders, it was determined to have been a gosling... we think) we found while throwing rocks for Mud at the Truckee River.  Posted by Hello

Nevada sunset around hour 12 of the PHX to RNO May 12 beginning of summer driving extraveganza.  Posted by Hello

Brandon's artsy photo of a valley in Nevada...  Posted by Hello

Lake Mead from the West driving at 80 mph toward Vegas.  Posted by Hello

We dropped by Hoover dam for a speed tourist photo session - the best pictures truly come from the Photography 201 compositional method of "point and pray." Posted by Hello

Katie and me saying goodbye, our last day together bright and early at 9 am May 12th outside Best B - our last day at the dorm together! Posted by Hello