Tuesday, October 25

Dad at the top, overlooking North Scottdale & Pardise Valley Posted by Picasa

Camelback Mountain

My dad checking out the remains of a saguaro on Camelback Mountain Sunday afternoon during our hike to the top. Trail: 1 mile. Elevation gain: 1300 ft. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 22


 Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 17

Dustin and Brandon finally come in after the wind picks up and it starts to rain Posted by Picasa
Sunday morning: the boys take out Richard's new boogie board. Posted by Picasa
Finally somewhere to eat - anyone can stand mariachi for an hour... or two. Posted by Picasa
Is that a Cypress tree? The one with the balls on it? No Kal, that's a palm tree. Duh. Posted by Picasa
Jordan's profile fading into the sunset... Posted by Picasa
Roomies! 254 wot wot! Posted by Picasa
Me and Kallie in front of the Master & Commander ship (identical to the place where Katie B. and I have a picture - roommate pose) Posted by Picasa
They think? Posted by Picasa
The whole crew in front of a battleship down by the pier... oh wait, "aircraft carrier." Posted by Picasa
Aww... Posted by Picasa
Cow with supermodels Posted by Picasa
Wind Demo Posted by Picasa
The Guys (L to R: Jordan "I Can't Help Looking Good" LaPier, Richard "Wait, where is Richard?" Callingham, Dustin "Mini-Me" Tessendorf, Brandon "It's an aircraft carrier" Gosch, Brad "Dual-Class" Waropay, Grant "My shake is bigger than your shake" Shively) Posted by Picasa
The boys pyramid on the beach - no injuries! Posted by Picasa
Beach time was scheduled for all day... we didn't quite make it so the boys suggested we hit the mall instead after some coffee (the BOYS suggested - crazy). Posted by Picasa
Representing our school pride in the sand (minus Brad and UAT). Yay Devils! Posted by Picasa
Grant... with seaweed. Posted by Picasa
Kallie and I huddled on the beach... and then went in. Posted by Picasa

Coronado Beach

The next day at the beach was a little chilly - overcast & 68 F - but the guys braved the chill and got in anyway. Posted by Picasa
Grant generously got us the apartment hook-ups in San Diego. The 2 girls got the bed and the 6 boys shared the living room - quite cozy. Posted by Picasa
Fog and lights at night on the beach Posted by Picasa

GIANT pizza...

For dinner Friday night, we found a pizza place off Mission Beach that served 30" pizza's. Brad and Brandon were going to try to finish one off themselves and win the two Luigi's t-shirts, but decided to share with the rest of us. Posted by Picasa