Monday, March 27

Summer time with the windows open to the sun. Only it's March. Posted by Picasa
Already so hot in March we have to study in our bikinis. Posted by Picasa
Ham? Posted by Picasa

Saturday, March 25

B took this during Spring Break - I just really like J's face. Click on the picture to see it full size! Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 24

A *slightly* more attractive picture of the haircuts... Posted by Picasa
Ham? Posted by Picasa


Kallie and I got haircuts. We were going for the troll look. Posted by Picasa

Donner Summit

So the picture's not that hot (Bryan's truck through the snow) - but the point of this one is to document the 9 hours it took us to get from Berekeley to Reno (this trip is normally closer to 4...). Jordan drove like a champ all the way over the pass in chains, after 19 stops for gas/bathroom/chains/tow rope/oranges/18-Wheelers/pictures/more chains... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19

Viva las Vegas. They didn't get married this time. Maybe next time. :) Posted by Picasa
Lunch in Berkeley from my favorite bread co-op - the Cheeseboard. Posted by Picasa
Chocolate is loud. Posted by Picasa
We're too sexy for our hairnets, too sexy for our hairnets.... Posted by Picasa
Bringing the beekeeper look back into style one set of disposable hair nets at a time. Posted by Picasa
Making hairnets hot since March, courtesy of Scharffen Berger Chocolate Makers. Posted by Picasa
That's what I like to see! Posted by Picasa
Chili breadbowl attack on the wharf. I won, of course. Posted by Picasa
It was a bit blustery out... and freeeezing. Posted by Picasa
The one and only Golden Gate - 3 miles down and back. Posted by Picasa
Yay for the Bay. Posted by Picasa
Cousin It and Jordan on the Golden Gate Bridge. Posted by Picasa
Bunk Bed Buddies on the Bridge. Posted by Picasa
Version 2 with my disappearing feet. Posted by Picasa
The San Francisco skyline from Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill. Posted by Picasa
Bryan & I version of "couple with Bay Bridge" Posted by Picasa
Jordallie and the Bay Bridge fading into the clouds. Tre picturesque. Posted by Picasa