Saturday, April 29


No we didn't coordinate our colors it just turned out like this. I'm serious, I was asleep until about 15 minutes before this... Posted by Picasa
As if there weren't already enough pictures of this happy couple - :) Posted by Picasa
Poor Jordan having to live with two girls...
*Disclaimer = "kisses" for photo purposes only* Posted by Picasa

Red*Bull Flugtag Arizona2006

See the pitchfork at the bottom? Yeah... the didn't make it too far. Good times anyway - they were the first all girls team ever to enter a Flugtag - go ASU! Posted by Picasa
After giving the boys a bottle of sunscreen we lost them somewhere near the front. It's not fun to be squashed in with 50,000 drunk people you don't know in 90 F heat. Posted by Picasa
The built a giant pitchfork and ramp in the backyard of the rugby house and launched it off a 30 ft high ramp into Tempe Town Lake... Posted by Picasa
@ Flugtag AZ with the Girl's Rugger entry "Fork 'Um" and KaPow as the pilot Sparky. Posted by Picasa
Mmm... noodle soup! Oh, I mean - banana bread. Posted by Picasa
Jordan actually washed his sheets and made his bed... with Kallie still on it. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 23


Saturday, April 22

Ocotillo in bloom - I love the desert! Posted by Picasa
Queen Creek Arizona - if only it wasn't $14.87 in gas both ways. Posted by Picasa
Yours truly scrambling up a lead saturday. Posted by Picasa
Brandon and Richard climbing in the Pancake House. Posted by Picasa
MarioKart party Thursday night until 2 am.... how does NObody have friday classes? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 16

Saying goodbye at the airport. Posted by Picasa
Zoe on her easter egg hunt, aka. high velocity projectile plastic eggs everywhere in the mine field that was the living room - not so many in the basket. Posted by Picasa
Oh Bug... Posted by Picasa
Together we make the back seat a very cozy place to be for 4 hours. Posted by Picasa
My good-looking Papa AND recently announced winner of UNR's F. Donald Tibbits University Distinguished Teacher Award! GO DAD!Posted by Picasa
Our fashionable family sedan doubling as a reflecting pool outside Pedrick's. Posted by Picasa
Sunshine fighting to be seen in the Central Valley. It's very wet here - but green! Posted by Picasa
Sunshine through plum blossoms on the trees at home - I love spring! Even though for me it means 70 degree temperature swings... (97 to 27 in 24 hours!) Posted by Picasa


I got to fly home for Easter weekend. The real motive? Skiing with Dad! What good are a new pair of skis if you can't use them? Posted by Picasa


It was so windy on friday it kicked up enough dust to make it look like silty fog had settled into the valley and it even obscured our virtually omnipresent sunshine. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 14

This is my friend Auggie. He has a mohawk. This is how we feel about physics tests. Posted by Picasa