Monday, January 30

Okay - so this is me sitting on a park bench along the mall in front of the capitol building - to the leftish of my head. The mall and everything was gorgeous, but after literally miles of museums I'm not sure if I could look another dead president's metal bust in the face without wanting to keel over. Sitting has to be one of the finer joys of touristing! Posted by Picasa
My chin and ex-missile carrying rockets. Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
Lincoln and I trying to get the timer on the camera to function. Posted by Picasa
Patriotic shot from the WWII Memorial. Posted by Picasa
Me quite tired in Chinatown with my new Bulgarian friend, Lida. Posted by Picasa
Me. Fence. White House. Posted by Picasa
Washington Monument and some buildings with columns. Posted by Picasa
Me being cold on the 12 floor of the post office. Posted by Picasa
The capitol building from the tower of the old post office. Posted by Picasa
Illinois from 30,000 feet on my flight to D.C. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 22

Kallie "working" at her new classic student job at the Memorial Union. She's a Info-Desk helper-outer, which means she gets paid to sit around and do her homework and look great in a classy maroon polo. Posted by Picasa
My sunday school teacher Mary Louise! Posted by Picasa
In the back of the school planning our next dance floor takeover. Posted by Picasa
It's Katrew! Wow - look at that, they're connected at the hip. That's new... Posted by Picasa
Brad said he didn't like dancing with me because I smile too much on the triple steps. We had fun anyway. Posted by Picasa
Saturday night found us at a dodgy looking performance arts elementary school because of Dustin, but it turned into a "swingin'"night. get it? swingin? okay that one wasn't funny but we did get some Swing dancing lessons and had a riot dancing into other far more talented couples and eating someone's birthday cake. Of note in this photo is Kal wearing flat flats and me wearing heels, and the resulting height incongruency (it's a word). Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 21

See the grey spandex? That's my bum in the scrum courtesy of Kal. Posted by Picasa
Nothing's broke!! Posted by Picasa
Really, really excited to be in a scrum cap and giant diapers at the ASU vs. UCSB game saturday morning. Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 13

ooooh aaaahhh - end of the day Posted by Picasa
The end of day two of amazing skiing - after Thursday and Friday of showing up all the guys we definitely were feeling the burn. Posted by Picasa
Day Two of skiing with Kelsey - the last two were from Friday too - this is her hot hockey stop. Posted by Picasa
This doesn't look like that great of a picture, but in reality it's awesome because it was taken right after we conquered the Chutes - 55 degree vert for 1500 feet. That's right. We were pretty stoked. Posted by Picasa

when grandma pants come back in style - we will be readyPosted by Picasa