Sunday, September 10

More Olympic

GIANT trees!

Hall of Mosses

Moss taking over the world!!

More Beauty

Lake Cresent, Olympic

Olympic National Park

Shoeing up on the Steeple


On the ferry to Victoria!


A beautiful valley in the Cascades


The sky in the North Cascades, Washington

Bowen Ferry

Bryan and I on the Queen of Capilano, 6:30 am


Me and Kate

Tent 3

Tent 3 girls session 2: I braided all their hair into french braids! SO cute!!


Canoeing at Killarney Lake!

Utensil Meal

Isabel, Shannon, and Kate at Utensil Meal - where you have to eat spaghetti using some strange utensil like - tongs!


Zebra and Elephant, for Safari during juniors

Carrot of Doom

Conrad and I during a game of Clue as the Carrot of Doom and the Trusty Sidestick


Me and Linnea as pirates for Pirates & Cargo with some of our cargo

Tent 3

The counselors and campers of tent three during Girls Session 1

Snug Cove Town Day

The womens' staff of Summer 2006 at the playground on Town Day

Friday, September 1

Dress up days!
Climbing at Shepherd's Rock

Candle Lit Dinner

Bryan on the cello, me as a waitress

Bowen Island

Tunstall Bay, BI, BC, CA

Thursday, August 31

Bowen Island

Snug Cove
Elfin Lakes B.C.


2006 Camp Bow-Isle Women's Staff

Where I Work

British Columbia, Canada

Women's Staff Camp

Sleeping out at Porteau Cove

Tuesday, August 15

Carrot of Doom

Cavewoman Cookout!